Future Money


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released January 25, 2012



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SHOELACE Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Alesi "Shoelace" Ngemi is a Louisiana based Rapper/Multi-Instrumentalist and producer.

With Humble beginnings as a student, son, and singer - lace has in the past 5 years compiled an album discography spanning over 14 works

Thank you visitors and fans! -Lace
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Track Name: Future Money p. 1 (intro)
[Intro...a backwards sample rides the background...the backwards sample symbolizing the backwards society...a sample begins

" And they saw some vultures standing near, waiting to feast on the body of the loser
At that moment, they decided to make friends and make up and stop fighting. They said, its
Better that we be friends than be food, for the vultures."

I want some future money/
About to-in the time coming up-will set me free money/
Petrified and hyaline churches fried gasoline money/
Get it real good in the hood shadow of crosses made of wood money/
FLAC in 3d lossless capital dream money/
That cream money/
Future money/
Hypothetical scam money/
I can even feel it in my hypothetical hands money/
Chance money/
Don't like me? Then watch me do my dance money/
Low pants High Chance money/
Present money is ants money/

Future Money/
Get it while you can, or get it while its not/
A piss with no pot/
To be money or not to be money/
I can't even see money/

Skull on top of a hand money/
Don't mean to be rude like most honey/
But gertrude I can make out the ghost/
Of my father's dead money/
Some shred money/
Strips of flesh caressed from my lyrical soul money/
I can only Forsee C4 to open up the doors money/
Explore money/
One day future money is just for the poor money/
Cold me down in oil money/
As paper washes up on the shore, funny./

["future money"]
["welcome to the future"] - to fadeout..
Track Name: the iLLosophers Stone

Feel this rush then you make me say

(music sigh)

Touch your familiars then make you say


There can never be another night


What do you mean? Wasnt no last night


Hands on my head like I lost my mind


Unsteady on my legs like frankenstein


But if they threw me overboard I would be fine
walk on the water turn the ocean into wine for
stab my boss just to please
let go of pride just to sieze
throwing stones at my glass house with
staring gift horses in the mouth with
turn on my P.A. then I plug in
cuz I gotta do it for my fans like!
Track Name: Puppy Clouds
Change is your original norm
Track Name: Inside Out Boy
[Verse 1]

Bum on the railroad, there's a piece of my stomach on your shoe
You might be hungry too
I've felt this hunger, I feel you
I try not to let the inside nature emerge but
I know the in is out cuz I can feel this world in my gut

The manifesting is just lots of men infesting
And as time begins the testin
My labor is the intestine
Lesson plan from the ants take it back to the hive
You cut three leaves and i'll cut five

Mike check 1 through I lost the count from the start
Ho I'm gonna have to repo the pieces of my heart
The race is on my brain is in a go-cart
Depart before you start to turn my art into a poisonous sweet tart

Setting sun world, and my eye is a horizon
And I am just an outline who cannot hold the inside in
Use it up profusely use my sweat to fill an ink pen
Octopus defend yourself with ink from outside in men


Inside out boy/
Entrails in the atmosphere
Mind is in the stratosphere
Eyes and ears are planet tears


Excuse me miss, have you seen one of my wrists?
I lost it in Lowpocracy
This is my High-Pot-Thesis
Tongue is not a tame sword
Food that we cannot afford
Ressurected as an umbillical chord

Then he drove to the store through the mud
Filled up a tank of gas with money made of plasma blood
Kid with a runny nose said "he had fud"
Here's a tissue blow your nose son its all good
I'm hearing him say that

Shallowness holds no test to the breeze
You will never ollie high if you cannot pick up your knees
So many people get broken up like weeds
We cannot grow roots so we cannot raise trees
Sapien please

The shit I'm giving is starting to give
Mrs. Rib Mrs. Rib don't be insensitive
Oblivion this is my sister liver
Primitive medieval sister
Protest/incense your incentive to fucking live
If you're


I tried to make my songs commercial
And lay it all out for you
But I cannot stop my process
I am just like you I do not know what to believe
This world is a trick in a sleeve

I saw his mouth moving but he was just an outline
I could feel a presence but he was just an outline
It looked just like me, but he was just an outline
He was just A -