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released December 12, 2009

Shoelace Alesi Ngemi,



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SHOELACE Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Alesi "Shoelace" Ngemi is a Louisiana based Rapper/Multi-Instrumentalist and producer.

With Humble beginnings as a student, son, and singer - lace has in the past 5 years compiled an album discography spanning over 14 works

Thank you visitors and fans! -Lace
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Track Name: Real Hip Hop
Now there aint no party like a hip hop party get your hands up,
say oh yeah
Now there aint no party like a south side party get your hands up,
say hell yeah
Hell yeah

My my fellas they dont care
body rockin everywhere
get your hands up
say oh yeah

My girls acting crazy
all these independent ladies
get your hands up
say hell yeah

BASS thumpin out on the streets
now thats real hip hop
my shoulders cant control it they ride with the beat
now thats real hip hop
a revolutionary nation of soldiers
now thats real hip hop
bob your head if you feel what I told ya
to this real hip hop

What do you get with a clap and a kick
turn up the speakers and turn up the bass
hi top shoes with a real hi top hip hop in your face
swerving dancing crazy everybody's real full
these other rappers cant match my hype
that boy there's on red bull
say there where you goin girl
with this beat aint no stoppin
dance circle on the floo
man they poppin and locking, this is hip hop
yeah we gon party tonight
and if you're not rocking steady you aint doing it right


I remember back when I was a kid we were living in hard ways
momma runs a hot comb through my hair I make a bad face
i'm feeling like ahmad when he said he missed it way back in those days/
thought I was all of that and a bag of chips but didnt get no lays
I was in fourth grade
and starter jacket suits
drew in the girls like "oh he's cute"
my big brother had his own regalia twinkee colored timberland boots
they said shoelace start up a hip hop party
i'm gonna show you how to get this thing started with that


Undisputed champion of these rhymes
this is hip hop officer that shit aint no crime
plate tectonics supersonic the contagions bubonic
hypnotic quixotic frolic gone of that indo chronic
now if nobody wants this hip hop you can pass me the mic
you can come to take this day but give me the night
the conquest will never stop, cuz i'm rising to the top
all i need is snap and crackle to be crispy man fuck the pop
so do it like this everybody get your fists up
like this everybody get your fists up, yeah!
(you aint ready)
Track Name: Chime
Its 5:30 and my manager is pushing my switches
im cleaning them dishes
I go to war at 4 with the auto chlor knowing
i'm needing more hours than my time cards showing
no a.c. blowing sweaty pits on the stain
gotta keep a job or else I get a stain on my name
and I'm that crazy to not be lazy at all
but if you're late for work then they go beserk

I wallow in grease I swallow up heat
clean the floor every night water on my feet
ticket for 5 steaks I slang up the meat
and if I dont get a break I thwart up the beat
cuz i'm hustlin getting money all on my own
maybe I rode a bicycle or I walked from my home
so please pardon me if I step out of line
I'm just waiting in line for my punch out chime

My punchout chime

Black people in the kitchen working at chimes
the way we got treated sometimes that shit was a crime
like I remember this one time
Heres a big jug of kool aid that we made buddy the flavor is lime
tickets printing, no ounce of relief
after work i'm going straight to burn an ounce of that keef
maybe for a college kid its a part time gig
get fired tomorrow graduate the shit is no big
Track Name: I am Your Father
people yes they know my name
vision quest makes me insane
infiltrate the hidden brain
slow driver in fast lanes
you could never overcome
darkness right after the sun
clearly I could never be a jedi

cuz i'm turning smiles into frowns
darker one will take you down
ghost mode through the town
waldo aint seen me around
my skills aint a myth
this is return of the sith
and if you aint got shit to say then bitch you better plead the fifth!

revise your mind, put the track on rewind
check it
you must have a force grip on your throat
because i'm hearing no opposition i'm only hearing you choke
so everytime that you see me surrender to me completely
the dark ones are slaying I aint even playing and so it goes without saying
"I am your father"

What is light without the dark?
Iron man with no tony stark
handicapped sticker please
I dont need no tags to park
welcome to the dark side
goody goodies better hide
from the school of hard knocks
kicking little ewoks
this is how you bring danger
power converted from anger
if you want to get ahead
then get the lightsaber in red
everywhere I go - you C 3 PO's
chewbaccas fucked up on takka


Like that man said to luke
yes i feel its very true
if you dare to come at me
I will overpower you
if you are a padawan
eclipse all up on you son
put your face down south
silence, shut your mouth
violence, is in the house
wilding, i'm talking about
jedi wins I aint gon lie
but we are brothers you and I

Let me tell you something
they don't call it Endor for nothing
cuz just as soon as the empire fell
darth vader was at the afterparty high as hell screaming
"yes i took your drink. yes i stepped on your shoe.
step to me if you dare. nigga i might laser you or slice you
with my saber too"
-just kidding, you cant bring darth vader nowhere anyways

Bad people on my team
taking kids ice cream
I scream you scream makes me have a cream stream
yeah we lost the war
they blew up the death star
we don't care anyways
got that shit on layaway
so hands up hands down hans solo
not getting hype in this bitch - is a no go
I realize the dark side business is scary
but my style is like corona shit is miles away from ordinary

Track Name: Computated Love
12:30 in the day and i'm just trying to unwind
louisiana chatroom where I spend a portion of time
chat room list said: latinafdymebouricanprincess
body blessed i'm hoping no less
said her name was Tina and she was from Puerto Rica
and she had a bad body but her face was even meaner
the picture that she sent me was amidst all of the spam
but one look and i knew I wanted tina to come and get some ham
so I could give her

Computated Love
put your fingers on the key yeah the picture is me
Just wanna get ya to come to myspace
Computated Love
If I like your features I wont control alt delete ya
I hope you're not a stalker

Latina mommy is a keeper so I up my ho tally
and then she tells me that she likes me but she's livin in SO cali
and i'm like lol omg did you go to USC
no I went to Chico State
Do you know my boy JB
yes we used to be friends
I think she lying anyways
hit her with the clown hat curly hair smiley face
Ooh I could imagine grabbin on that little curvy waist
enonymous gangsta shit then leave the scene without a trace


You shoulda heard all of the things that this girl told me
said she would e-cyber e camera she's e-asy
i'm not trying to sound sleazy but
I believed that i could cut
hoping that she's single and she's looking
but mommys got a boyfriend yeah she straight tooken
moving back to jigga city soon then we can do some shut yo mouth
hoping that i'm - not still living in my, mommas house
baby girl its gon be on, so let me get them digimons


2 months later, the time is here i can't wait
don carters gone bowling, my first e-date
she should be here any minute, thatll make me elate
I hope she didn't get it back and get a ticket rebate
click clack on my back, and it sounds like heels
an adrenaline rush like twista if you know how I feel
but her 4 was a 14, the hot turned to heft
nothing like the picture - now thats identity theft oohhhh


Brandon Wisner: "you know that aint you"
Track Name: Sanity
[Verse 1]

What is a bird? What is a bee?/
What is a flower, a tree?/
My body is made of atoms and elements makes me wonder
What then is me/
What is time, ticks of a clock?/
Where does it go? When does it stop?/
Time is eternal for stars in the sky
so then are we Gods, cuz people can die?

Why do we love the ones that we hate
and hate the ones that we love/
Why do I feel cool when I use Bodywash
but I feel cleaner when I wash with Dove
If I am already programmed to be racist//
and see black faces. Then what do I see?/
Manifestations of mind and body
or Infestations of hate within me

How can I really understand/
Owning people owning land/
Half of the problems are solved in the world
If nobody ever had hands/
I am aware of being alive/
Life is a question, am I the why?/
Maybe there's a scientific equation
explaining the reasons we cry/

Training the horses to fly/
War can be used for feigning a reason to die/
Squaring the roots of the pi's/
Choosing the lies/
Decimals passing me by/
Is there a line not to be crossed/
Cloned sheep wearing lip gloss/
Or am I a brontosaurus, and is this the land of the lost?/


remember me

As I go...all alone
I am ready


Why is it easy for me to be wild?/
Reckless and break things just like a child?/j
Nature of man is beast/
Man at the top, beast at the least/
Turn em into griddle grease/
Mass production feeding the masses the meats and the cheese/
I consume the product of the machines daily/
and never have time for please/
Bruce Lee said, be formless like water/
Water can crash, water can flow/
Water can ebb water can flood/
Drowning the places where flowers should grow/

Liquidly/ This symphony is evident in my life/
Water in shampoo bottles, cuz my currency aint right/
Silent streams of hidden schemes try to gently wash me out/
Fully enlightened the water's inviting I carry a triton/
I am posiedon/

Why do you smoke?/Why you get high?/
Why don't you care what I think?/
Daily we fill up on shit more dangerous
than any flower, than any drink/
Smell that stink/Mother Earth, I am a babe
Feed me milk/
Calming down softly as a breath wrapped in silk/
Heavens to megatroid/
Pop-u-lar O-pin-ions I-pre-fer to-a-void/
Things are not always what they seem/
Top then aint always the crops cream/